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Nature’s Awe

2013 September 14
by JedShare

It's fall in Ws


I am always so humbled to witness natures designs. The patterns, the shapes,the colors…
Fall in Washington is a symphony of riches, a hike up Mt. Rainier again proved this…

Here, the end of the day as we made our way back down from the mountain’s wonder.

More at my Google+ site. What nature most inspires you?



On Top Of The World

2013 July 15
by JedShare

Lifestyle photo shoot with the concept of awe and inner strength

On Top Of The World

A project for the former Director of the U.S. Mint

2013 April 15
by JedShare



Just completed a project photographing with the former Director of the U.S. Mint. He taught me a thing or two about fine gold coins. During his time at the Mint, a major project was bringing back the deep relief, 3D  Saint-Gaudens Golden Eagle coin.

Along with portraits for his website, we photographed this stunning coin for his upcoming book and speaking tours.

A Visit to Edward Weston’s Studio

2013 February 16

Portrait by
I was fortunate to stay at Edward Weston’s studio during one of my California trips. He was an important, influential photographer for me.
I could view his original prints, at the Museum of Modern Art in NY back when I was a teenager, and these helped my own darkroom work enormously.

It was almost surreal to meet, talk and photograph this portrait with Neal Weston, Edwards son, I knew him from his dad’s famous photos of him as a young child, photographed 60 years earlier!

The Weston’s were very kind to me, it was a privilege, and I am thankful for the experience.

Video: Artistry Engineered, a company introduction

2013 February 7


Ever dream to have your own custom plane? We just produced this short film introducing the leading company that works on the best of the best for a worldwide clientele.

Video: We Walk, We Run…A Sunny Day In Winter

2013 January 24


We Walk, We Run…A Sunny Day In Winter

During Winter in Seattle a sunny day is a precious thing.
We get out and walk, run, and do what we do in the sunshine.

Here is a short visual haiku.

For the best viewing experience see it in HD here!
(Then click the arrows on the right:)


Photograph for Inc Magazine: Best Reason To Go Home Early

2012 November 18

Inc Magazine published our photograph to illustrate the “Best Reason To Go Home Early”.

Portrait: My Focus is Data

2012 October 4

“My Focus is Data” Portrait photographed near Seattle

Just completed a portrait, for a Data Architect.
From her time at the Hubble Space Telescope onward, Karen Lezon has used Data to deepen our understanding of the world around us.

The Right Day

2012 September 21
by JedShare

Enjoyed a mountain hike north of Seattle yesterday. Lucky to pick the right day, ever precious as fall/winter approach.

Portrait: Black on Black

2012 September 5
by JedShare


Portrait of NFL player Braylon Edwards shot in Seattle


Our latest portrait shoot, in Seattle, with NFL player Braylon Edwards, for a new magazine.
He was chosen as one of the 15 sexiest men in the NFL, I think we can see why.
I just like the eyes and mood quality.