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Video: Beauty of Glass Blowing – Molten Glass to Finished Art

2012 August 23

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Goal: To produce a corporate video with an artistic feel, reflecting the style and values of a company that creates original glass art as corporate recognition awards.

Turn up your speakers.  Here’s the link to  Watch it in HD    



A Craftsman at Work

2012 July 5
by JedShare


Tools, from our glass-blowing film shoot, it was amazing to see a real craftsman at work at this ancient art, he called it a ‘sport’ to blow glass…
This film project is in the final stages of post production.

Today’s Surprise

2012 May 15
by JedShare

This blue Columbine surprised me by opening today, here and there, always a treat!
Makes waking up everyday more exciting & fun. Springtime is so magical and inspiring.

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Click on the image to view full frame.

Why I Do What I Do!

2012 February 29

A corporate portrait can be so much more, I just received a message from a man I photographed in Seattle, several years back.

Here’s the story:

This guy, Dave, was great to photograph. He chose to take a lower salaried job as an IT/Network guy, developing a better system for paramedics in the field, helping people who were having heart attacks. I understand his work made quite a difference.

The story was about altruistic choices people made in selecting their employers. He had offers to work for more pay-but chose this company because he felt he could make a difference.

Please go to this link and click on the image to see it full frame. I was blown away to just receive this from him:

“Jed, even though I haven’t been able to reciprocate your kindness, I really appreciate you taking the time to photograph me that day. This was an all new experience for me and I know I wasn’t much to work with, but the fact was you were able to quickly transcend a corporate photo shoot and tap into the common ground beneath us. Your photographs still stop me in my tracks and they capture the essence of the moment that the human eye misses. I’m very glad we’ve reconnected.”



No iPod Day

2012 February 4

Pierre Bastien wrote a compelling piece, responding to the disconnection many people feel:

“Walk down the street, sit on a train, or fly on a plane, and what do you see? Most likely, many people with wires coming out of their ears. They’ve got earphones stuffed deep into their eardrums, drowning out the sounds of the world by blasting music directly into their brains.

I do this too. In fact I love listening to music while I’m on the go.

But I started thinking, what if we all spent a day without iPods or other music players crammed into our ears? What would happen?

Maybe instead of running away from our world by short-circuiting one of our senses, we could stop to appreciate it. Or at least acknowledge it.

We could all hear the sounds of the world around us for a change. We’d have a new appreciation for the people in our world. We could hear someone saying, “Excuse me” as they are trying to get by us. We might have a conversation with someone we wouldn’t normally talk to.”

Read The Rest of the Article…


A Challenge Is An Opportunity

2012 January 16
by JedShare

Photographed near Boulder Colorado


Your Compassion Can Change The World

2012 January 4
by JedShare

A Great First Step For The New Year – We love giving back and doing something to feel we have made a difference. One great way to effect change is to support a charity you believe in, one that is efficient in managing contributions.

Two groups that we’ve always liked are SEVA Foundation and Save The Children. We try to offer what we can and to be consistent. Being a photographer, I really like the Sight programs at Seva, they help people in 3rd world nations regain the ability to see. Vision is a gift I’ve always deeply appreciated, and the ability to help even one other person to experience this is a deeply profound opportunity.


 Save The Children

Trust – Portraits for Change

2011 December 9
by JedShare

Portrait for non profit in Seattle


Continuing the series of annual report portraits I photographed this year for a human services client. Joy went through addictions, and homelessness, and now she, her husband and two sons live together in a safe and comfortable apartment, moving toward a stable, balanced life.

Sitting on this woman’s couch after the shoot, sharing a cup of tea together, it was very touching to see how far she had come.
I’ll be posting more from this project, stay tuned.

Click the thumbnail to see the photo full size, you can read Joy’s story. Working with non-profits and foundations to better peoples lives is important to me, and a way I can give back.

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Portraits for Change

2011 December 8

Portrait for a non-profit in Seattle


We photographed the portraits for this annual report this year. This human services group helps provide people a chance for change to get beyond difficult life experiences, prison, homelessness,drug addictions. The people we photographed are changing their lives for the better.

Working with non-profits and foundations to better peoples lives is important to me, and a way I can give back.

These days it’s a wonderful, rare opportunity to work on a paper piece, beautifully printed and designed by an exceptional art director like Corbet Curfman. Corbet’s firm is Riverbed, here in Seattle.

Check out the full size images, original post on Google+


Video: Improving Sports Performance

2011 November 28
by JedShare

From athletes to rock stars, world class sports performance trainer Mike Seilo trains a diverse clientele.

In this video, we see his clients, pro basketball players from Korea experiencing the BAM performance tests, the same test procedure used by the NBA for their draft athletes. Mike uses these tests to reference and improve his clients power-strength-speed-agility.

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